Clinical Laboratory News September 2014
An AACC Publication | Volume 40, Number 9
September 2014
Bench Matters
Optimizing Point-of-Care PT/INR Testing
Marcia Zucker, PhD, an independent consultant specializing in point-of-care diagnostics and chair of AACC's Critical and Point of Care Testing Division offers practical tips for labs to ensure that their point-of-care PT/INR systems efficiently support patient care.
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Reporting HbA1c: Which Is Better—Percent or SI Units?
In the United States, most labs report HbA1c results in percentages only, whereas globally many labs report HbA1c results in Systѐme International (SI) units (mmol/mol) only, or in both SI units and as a percentage. In this edition of Point/Counterpoint, respected authorities on this subject, Ian Young, MB BCh, MD, FRCPath, and David Sacks, MB ChB, FRCPath, debate how HbA1c measurements should be reported and whether they should be standardized worldwide.
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Gastrointestinal Disease  
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New Perspectives on Celiac Disease
Emerging Research Suggests Role for Gut Microbiota
The pathophysiology of celiac disease seemingly was settled, but groundbreaking research has implicated the gut microbiome as a player in turning genetic predisposition and environmental exposure into the full-blown autoimmune response associated with the disease. Major studies investigating the role of the gut microbiome in celiac disease are underway now.
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Policy Issues
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Can Community Labs Survive?
Small Businesses Focused on Vulnerable Patients Have Never Been More Worried
Experts predict a steep decline in Medicare reimbursement for routine, high-volume tests under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014. For community labs, many of which serve patients in long-term care, these cuts could upend a traditional business model.
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Companion Diagnostics
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Companion Diagnostics for Personalized Medicine
Opportunities in an Evolving Landscape
Companion diagnostic tests are essential to identifying patients in which targeted drugs will be effective and to making personalized medicine a reality. In this mini-review, Arron S.L. Xu, PhD, covers companion diagnostic success stories, the evolving regulatory landscape for these tests, and the future challenges this field faces.
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Ask the Expert
Getting Sample Hemolysis Under Control
When Christine Schmotzer, MD, implemented a new chemistry analyzer in her lab, she used the lab's own data to identify the point at which hemolysis caused clinically significant changes for certain analytes.
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