July 2013 Clinical Laboratory News: Volume 39, Number 7

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The Trials of Vitamin D
When Will Evidence Resolve Conflicts About Its Benefits?
By Genna Rollins

The volume of vitamin D testing has exploded over the past decade, but questions and controversies remain about how much vitamin D individuals actually need in daily life, what benefits it confers, and how much is too much. A new clinical trial could provide answers to questions that up to now have been elusive.

In the Eye of the Storm
Disaster Preparedness Focuses on Point-of-Care Testing
By Bill Malone

With hurricanes and tornados recently wreaking havoc on many areas of the country, laboratorians—especially point-of-care coordinators—have stepped up their efforts in local, regional, and national disaster preparedness plans. But while the nation is now better prepared, the limitations of current POCT instruments still present important challenges, experts say.


Bone Turnover Markers
The Impact of Assay Standardization on Assessing and Monitoring Osteoporosis
By Samuel D. Vasikaran, MD, FRCPA

As the prevalence of osteoporosis has risen in the U.S., so has the need for accurate treatment monitoring and evaluation of patients' fracture risk. Measuring bone turnover markers in addition to bone mineral density shows diagnostic promise, and current efforts to standardize these markers will help clinicians improve patient care.


CDC Updates HCV Testing Algorithm


Effects of Gene Patent Ruling Uncertain
Some Labs Ready to Move Ahead With Testing Plans

The Supreme Court recently ruled that isolated DNA cannot be patented while simultaneously upholding the patent eligibility of complementary DNA. While some have proclaimed the decision a victory for patients and genomics research, the full impact of the ruling on labs and biotechnology companies has yet to be seen.

2013 AACC Annual Meeting
What Are You Looking Forward to at This Year's AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo?

Four members share what they're excited about at this year's Annual Meeting, from a session on using oral fluid as a toxicology testing specimen to speaking with experts about new scientific methods and assays.

Spotlight on Science

The abstracts selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting include the best of cutting-edge research in chronic diseases and clinical outcomes, personalized and translational medicine, and clinical implementation of emerging technologies.

New Products Review

Check out this special advertising section to learn what new products will debut at the AACC 2013 Clinical Lab Expo in Houston.


Capillary Blood Sampling
Strategies for Preventing the Spread of Infectious Diseases and Accidental Injuries
By Nancy Sasavage, PhD

The incidence of viral infection and accidental injury while performing capillary blood collection has been climbing as tests involving finger-stick devices become more common. To avoid these negative consequences, follow the safe practices Sharon M. Geaghan, MD, discusses in this interview.

When Less Is More
The Psychology of Diagnostic Testing
By Brian Jackson, MD, MS

The glut of laboratory data now available to physicians will likely lead to an increase in medical errors, but laboratorians can help mitigate this trend by focusing doctors' attention on the laboratory data points most crucial for making a diagnosis.

Improving Patient Safety by Connecting Technologists to Patients
A Resident's Personal Story
By Cheryl L. Maier, MD, PhD

By sharing stories with laboratorians about the patients they serve, lab directors can reinforce the value of their staff's work and improve the overall quality of their lab's output.

Patient Safety Huddles, Part Two—Questions and Answers
By Mike Astion, MD, PhD

This follow-up to the April 2013 CLN article on patient safety huddles provides more in-depth advice on how to set up and run these important meetings.


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