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June 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Questions for Vendors and Providers

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June 2011: Volume 37, Number 6

ICD-10 Readiness Assessment Questions for Vendors and Providers

  1. Can your vendors provide written proof of compliance or their detailed planning process?
  2. Are hardware upgrades necessary?
  3. What is the process for handling ICD-9 claims after October 1, 2013?
  4. What are the top ICD-9 codes and the corresponding ICD-10 codes for the lab?
  5. Is there an implementation timeline?
  6. Is there an appointed ICD-10 transition team leader to monitor readiness?
  7. What is the most efficient and productive way to educate staff and physicians?
  8. Who is responsible for updating forms with new diagnosis codes?
  9. How will the communication be structured to gain maximum distribution?
  10. Does the organization participate in a research study or registry? If so, how will reporting change?
  11. Does the organization have worker’s compensation claims? If so, will the state’s claims administrator be ICD-10 ready?
  12. Who will monitor claim denials after the transition?
  13. Will there be reporting mechanisms in place to enable claim payment continuity?
  14. Will there be resources to alert providers of abnormal payment or denial activity?
  15. Will more staff resources be necessary to process denials?
  16. How will diagnosis comparison reports across 2012 and 2013 be integrated?

Sources: North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance, Inc. and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.