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October 2009 Clinical Laboratory News: From the Podium


October 2009: Volume 34, Number 10 

2009 Annual Meeting Highlights
From the Podium


Peter Agre, MD
Aquaporin Water Channels

“When something in science works, you should celebrate with abandon, because most things don’t work. The value of the Nobel Prize isn’t so much who gets it and for what. As long as we can get young people—particularly [those] clinically trained—to think about the problems at a basic level, we’ll have new biology leading to new methods of preventing and treating disease.”

Kenneth Murphy, MD, PhD
Developments in T Cells

“With the ability to detect the function of a T-cell by intracellular cytokine staining, and at the same time to make an array of a large number of peptides, we’re now on the verge, perhaps, of having the ability to make some meaningful evaluations of immune function in the clinical chemistry area.”

Jerome Groopman, MD
How Doctors Think
2009 Wallace H. Coulter Lectureship Award

“Misdiagnosis is usually due to a thinking mistake, not a technical mistake. It’s not because the clinician is given the wrong lab value. It’s because he or she has fallen into a thinking trap.”


World-Renowned Author Dr. Oliver Sacks

Olympus America, Inc. sponsored a special presentation by the neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, MD. “You people are so critical to healthcare,” Sacks asserted. “I love you people.” The presentation also included the announcement of a $10,000 donation from Olympus to AACC’s Van Slyke Foundation.