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May 2009 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

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May 2009: Volume 35, Number 5

Blood Collection Tube Labels

Vacuette Labels

The new Greiner Bio-One blood collection tube labels provide a visual reference to ensure sample volumes are within ± 10% fill range, allowing labs to easily eliminate quantity not sufficient (QNS) samples and the necessity to re-draw patients. This new label will reduce costs associated with QNS samples and patient redraws.

Water Purification System

The Milli-Q Reference system delivers ultrapure (Type 1) water customized to fit a broad range of research areas while conserving lab resources. This system incorporates a new purification strategy that combines initial purification of Type II feed water with individualized final purification. Depending on their application, scientists can install a variety of polishing cartridges to remove specific contaminants at the point of delivery. Users can automatically fill lab containers with the desired amount of water using accurate, hands-free volumetric dispensers, and a graphic screen displays water quality and system status. A comprehensive range of service programs are available to install, maintain, validate, and calibrate the Milli-Q Reference system.

Laboratory Information Management System

LABWORKS LIMS 6.1 delivers a laboratory information management system with a zero footprint Web client. This new solution can be effectively deployed with minimal user training and is designed to perform on a variety of Web browsers. With multiple packages available, LABWORKS 6.1 is a flexible platform that can be quickly deployed and configured to support the unique needs of labs.

Tumor Marker Assay

The Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) test for the Olympus AU3000i is a paramagnetic chemiluminescent immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative measurement of CEA in human serum or lithium-heparin plasma. Each CEA kit is sufficient to process 200 tests, and contains CEA reagents, a single ready-to-use calibrator, and a single ready-to-use control.