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May 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

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May 2008: Volume 34, Number 5

Waste Disposal

The Safe-Keeper waste container is designed to hang on the lab bench wall to save work space. Made from plastic-lined paperboard with a solid bottom, the Safe-Keeper waste container collects contaminated items such as capillary tubes, pipette tips, swabs, and other biohazardous waste. The container can be autoclaved or incinerated when full.

Microplate Films


ThermaSeal A films are a new advanced version of the original ThermaSeal polypropylene films. The films use a stronger and thicker adhesive layer for more secure sealing of microplates in PCR and storage applications. The films are shaped to fit within the rim of raised-rim plates for reliable sealing, but they can also be used for sealing standard microplates. Each film has two removable end tabs that help position the film on the plate.

Vasculitis Kit

The new BioPlex 2200 Vasculitis kit is the first fully automated, random access multiplex test system for autoimmune systemic vasculitis testing. Designed for use on the BioPlex 2200 system, the kit provides semi-quantitative detection of IgG autoantibodies to MPO, PR3 and GBM.

POC Analyzer for Diabetes Management


The new DCA Vantage analyzer is a POC platform for reporting HbA1c, microalbumin/creatinine, and albumin-to-creatinine results for diabetes management. With no sample or reagent preparation steps, the analyzer is designed to deliver results during a patient visit to the physician and is both CLIA waived and NGSP certified for HbA1c tests. The system also offers features such as connectivity to the LIS, operator ID entry, QC reminders, test lock-out, remote access, and adjustable correlation to reference methods.

Chemistry and Immunoassay Work Cell

The new UniCel DxC 880i Synchron Access system is an integrated work cell that consolidates chemistry and immunoassay testing for high-volume laboratories. The system combines the UniCel DxC 800 chemistry system with the UniCel DxI 800 immunoassay system. The UniCel DxC 880i offers a menu of more than 150 different chemistry and immunoassay tests, including 120 onboard, ranging from cardiac and tumor markers to renal function. The system can process 1,440 chemistry tests per hour and 400 immunoassay tests per hour. The work cell also features an exclusive closed-tube sampling and closed-tube aliquotting capability for increased efficiency and operator safety.