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August 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

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August 2008: Volume 34, Number 8

Safety Holder for Blood Collection

The VACUETTE QUICKSHIELD Complete Plus is a completely assembled safety holder with the VISO PLUS Multi-Sample needle for blood collection. The holder features a ‘flash’ window that provides a visual confirmation of a successful vein penetration. The QUICKSHIELD Complete Plus can help eliminate needle manipulation in the vein similar to butterflies, but at a reduced cost.

Pipette Calibration Software


The Pipette Tracker and Pipette Tracker Pro software automate the scheduling, recording, and reporting of pipette calibrations. This new release features enhanced performance speed, an option that defaults variable volume calibrations to run from highest volume to lowest volume, upgraded balance interfacing, and features that simplify adding or editing pipettes in the system. The Pro version includes a security system, audit trail system, and electronic signatures. The software includes a preconfigured library of 1,100 pipettes with the accuracy and precision limits for each.

Urine Collection and Transport

Urine Monovette tubes allow for hygienic urine collection and testing without needles, adapters, or cups. A short 8.5-mL version is available for improved fit on front-end automation systems, while the standard 10-mL size is now available in white to protect light-sensitive analytes. Other features include printed graduations, a barcode label placement line, a writing block, and a leak-resistant screw cap for safe handling and transport.

Mechanical Pipettors


The Proline Plus pipettors are fully autoclavable and available in single-channel, multi-channel, and fixed-volume models to cover all applications across a wide volume range from 0.1 µL to 10 mL. Multi-channel units provide the proprietary Optiload design feature for easy tip loading and ejection, while all models with a nominal volume greater than 10 µL use the Biohit Safe-Cone filters. All mechanical pipettors carry a 3-year warranty, are manufactured per IVD/CE directives, and can be easily calibrated in the lab.