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June 2008 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

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June 2008: Volume 34, Number 6

Amikacin Assay

The QMS Amikacin assay measures aminoglycoside concentrations in human serum or plasma to guide and monitor dosing regimens and to evaluate toxicity and efficacy of Amikacin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. The reagents and calibrators are liquid and ready-to-use.

Automated Serum Protein Electrophoresis Instrument


The new MINICAP instrument offers walk-away automation for electrophoresis testing in low- to medium-volume labs. The instrument uses liquid flow electrophoresis with buffer for a medium instead of agarose gel and identifies positive samples with full traceability.

POCT for Colorectal Cancer Screening

The new InSure Quik FIT fecal immuno-chemical test is a POC version of the orig-
inal lab-based InSure FIT test. It offers the sensitivity and specificity of the lab-based version to help physicians improve patient compliance with colorectal cancer screening. The InSure Quik FIT test uses the same blue brush collection method as the lab-based InSure FIT and is considered substantially equivalent to the InSure FIT test.

Quinidine Assay


The QMS Quinidine assay measures concentrations of the drug Quinidine in human plasma or serum. Quinidine is an antiarrhythmic agent with a narrow therapeutic index. The reagents and calibrators are liquid and ready-to-use.