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May 2007 Clinical Laboratory News: New Products

May 2007: Volume 33, Number 5

Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The new Clinitek Advantus urine chemistry analyzer provides automated reading of Multistix urinalysis testing strips in medium- to high-throughput settings. The analyzer can perform up to 500 tests per hour and is network-ready. It requires no warm-up or calibration and maintains a throughput of 7 seconds per sample. The system also features three user-defined functions that automatically flag abnormal results and identify samples requiring follow-up testing.
Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics

Rubella IgG Assay

The VITROS Rubella IgG assay determines if IgG antibodies to the rubella virus are present in blood specimens. The presence of IgG antibodies may indicate a recent or past rubella infection or that a rubella vaccine has been given and is providing adequate protection. The assay is available on the VITROS ECi/ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System.
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

Creatinine-S Reagent

A two-part reagent system, the liquid-stable Creatinine-S reagent offers a 36-month shelf life and, when used as a single-part working reagent, 18-month stability. The assay is available in several operator-oriented packaging configurations and offers a reportable range of 0.1–22.0 mg/dL. In addition, the reagent is formulated to minimize any positive interference bias due to serum proteins and eliminates the need for analyzer offset correction factors that other Jaffé methods may require.
Diagnostics Chemical Limited

Iron-SL Reagent

The liquid-stable Iron-SL reagent has a new extended shelf life of 24 months, reducing concerns about ordering frequency and inventory management. The two-part Iron-SL reagent incorporates the Ferene methodology to accurately determine concentrations of the analyte in serum. The reagent also features proprietary stabilizing components for improved calibration and on-board stability.
Diagnostics Chemical Limited

Two EBV Kits
Two new Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) kits are available for use on the BioPlex 2200 system. Both provide for multiple results from a single patient sample. The IgG kit includes assays for EBV VCA, EBV NA-1, and EBV EA-D, and the IgM kit includes assays for EBV VCA and heterophile antibodies. The IgM kit is the only such assay available on an automated platform.