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A Unique Approach to Business Strategy as a Means to Enable Change in Global Healthcare: A Case StudyRyan, Una S10:27


Establishing Pediatric Reference Intervals: A Challenging TaskCeriotti, Ferruccio7:59
Closing the Gaps in Pediatric Laboratory Reference Intervals: A CALIPER Database of 40 Biochemical Markers in a Healthy and Multiethnic Population of ChildrenAdeli, Khosrow19:15
Catch Me If You Can: Isolating Circulating Tumor Cells from Flowing BloodNeeves, Keith6:32
Genetic Susceptibility for Coronary Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes ComplicationsHarrison, Seamus7:44
Inappropriate Requesting of Glycated Hemoglobin (Hb A1c) Is Widespread: Assessment of Prevalence, Impact of National Guidance, and Practice-to-Practice VariabilityFryer, Anthony35:21
Patents and Laboratory Medicine: What Is Required to Turn an Unpatenable Natural Phenomenon or Law of Nature into a Patenable Invention?Powlick, Jill10:38
Elementary, My Dear Doctor WatsonArnaout, Ramy10:29
Clinician’s Perspective: Allan JaffeJaffe, Allan14:37
Altering the Landscape for Women in Clinical Chemistry: Perspectives from Multigenerational LeadersHaymond, Shannon6:42
Diagnostic Accuracy of Point-of-Care Fecal Calprotectin and Immunochemical Occult Blood Tests for Diagnosis of Organic Bowel Disease in Primary Care: The Cost-Effectiveness of a Decision Rule for Abdominal Complaints in Primary Care (CEDAR) StudyKok, Liselotte7:08
Newer Fecal Tests: Opportunities for Professionals in Laboratory MedicineFraser, Callum12:56
The Obesity EpidemicShea, Jennifer11:30
Refining Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis with Single-Molecule Next-Generation SequencingAvent, Neil5:08
Understanding the Mechanisms That Link Alcohol and Lower Risk of Coronary Heart DiseaseMukamal, Kenneth24:11
Fluorescence Sensor for the Quantification of Unbound Bilirubin ConcentrationsKleinfeld, Alan10:37
Microtube Device for Selectin-Mediated Capture of Viable Circulating Tumor Cells from BloodKing, Michael6:29
Discerning Trends in Multiplex Immunoassay Technology with Potential for Resource-Limited SettingsGordon, Julian11:13
Point/Counterpoint: Standardization of Cardiac Troponin IChristenson, Rob & Apple, Fred22:44


Personalized Cancer Genomics: The Road Map to Clinical ImplementationYousef, George M.12:39


Reference Measurement Procedure for Total Glycerides by Isotope Dilution GC-MSEdwards, Selvin8:49


Single Molecule Sequencing of Free DNA from Maternal Plasma for Noninvasive Trisomy 21 DetectionBoon, Elles4:31


Newborn Screening for Metabolic Disorders: How Are We Doing, and Where Are We Going?Bennett, Michael10:25


Searching for New Biomarkers of Renal Diseases through ProteomicsKonvalinka, Ana18:24


Exhaled Endogenous Particles Contain Lung ProteinsBredberg, Ana5:51


Fragile X Mental Retardation 1 (FMR1) Intron 1 Methylation in Blood Predicts Verbal Cognitive Impairment in Female Carriers of Expanded FMR1 Alleles: Evidence from a Pilot StudyGodler, David13:02


Accuracy of 6 Routine 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Assays: Influence of Vitamin D Binding Protein ConcentrationHeijboer, Annemieke07:23


How Well Are We Training the Next Generation of Clinical Pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Directors? A Global PerspectiveScott, Mitch14:10


Impact of Biomarkers, Proteomics, and Genomics in Cardiovascular DiseaseMorrow, David7:36

Growth Differentiation Factor 15: A Canary in a Coal Mine?Ho, Jennifer12:17


A Novel Technology for Measuring Cumulative Cardiac Biomarker Exposure over Time: What Happened When We Weren't Looking?deFilippi, Christopher10:43
Markers of Plaque Instability in the Early Diagnosis and Risk Stratification of Acute Myocardial InfarctionMueller, Christian7:40
Association of Growth Differentiation Factor-15 with Coronary Atherosclerosis and Mortality in a Young, Multiethnic Population: Observations from the Dallas Heart StudyRohatgi, Anand7:42


Within Sight of a Rational Pipeline for Development of Protein DiagnosticsAnderson, Leigh04:12


The Challenges and Concerns Companies Face Pertaining to the US Food and Drug Administration 510(k) Process for Cardiac BiomarkersZaugg, Christian07:34


Absolute and Relative Kinetic Changes of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin T in Acute Coronary Syndrome and in Patients with Increased Troponin in the Absence of Acute Coronary SyndromeGiannitsis, Evangelos12:23


Diagnostic Accuracy of Plasma Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein for Differentiating Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Cerebral Ischemia in Patients with Symptoms of Acute StrokeFoerch, Christian07:55


Detection of Myocardial Infarction—Is It All Troponin?Hugo Katus & Mueller, Christian19:31
Improved Monitoring of Differences in Serial Laboratory ResultsFraser, Callum10:18
Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Reliable or Risky?Spencer, David10:18
Hepcidin in Human Iron Disorders: Diagnostic ImplicationsSwinkels, Dorine10:29
Investigating Interferences of a Whole-Blood Point-of-Care Creatinine Analyzer: Comparison to Plasma Enzymatic and Definitive Creatinine Methods in an Acute-Care SettingStraseski, Joely10:45
Preanalytical Errors Introduced by Sample-Transportation Systems:Felder, Robin6:57
Determination of Hemolysis Thresholds by the Use of Data LoggersStreichert, Thomas8:30
An About-Face for C-Reactive Protein?Szalai, Alexander14:56
I Detected My Cancer with My Smart PhoneDiamandis, Eleftherios9:16
Quantification of 1a,25-Dihydroxy Vitamin D by Immunoextraction and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass SpectrometryHoofnagle, Andrew13:04
Oral Fluid Cannabinoids in Chronic, Daily Cannabis Smokers during Sustained, Monitored AbstinenceHuestis, Marilyn18:47
'Clinical Chemistry' Trainee Council: A New Journal InitiativeRifai, Nader5:16
Optimal Detection of Fetal Chromosomal Abnormalities by Massively Parallel DNA Sequencing of Cell-Free Fetal DNA from Maternal BloodRava, Richard10:28
Between-Method Differences in Prostate-Specific Antigen Assays Affect Prostate Cancer Risk Prediction by NomogramsStephan, Carsten11:22
The Quest for Clean Competition in Sports: Are the Testers Catching the Dopers?*Butch, Anthony & Bowers, Larry17:06
Building Multidimensional Biomarker Views of Type 2 Diabetes on the Basis of Protein MicroheterogeneityBorges, Chad & Nelson, Randall13:05
Diagnostic Potential of Saliva: Current State and Future ApplicationsPunyadeera, Chamindie12:05
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin for Screening Large Populations of Healthy People: Is There Risk?Apple, Fred17:36
The Journey to Regulation of Protein-Based Multiplex Quantitative AssaysBoja, Emily & Rodriguez, Henry20:39
Point-of-Care Testing for Hb A1c in the Management of Diabetes: A Systematic Review and MetaanalysisPrice, Christopher31:08
The Use of Human Tissues in Research: What Do We Owe the Research Subjects?*Gronowski, Ann & Caplan, Arthur17:13
Concordance Study of 3 Direct-to-Consumer Genetic-Testing Services*Kricka, Larry & Fortina, Paolo11:45
Increasing Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) Throughput by Mass Tagging: A Sample-Multiplexed High-Throughput Assay for 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2 and D3Netzel, Brian and Grebe, Stefan15:28
Non–HDL Cholesterol Shows Improved Accuracy for Cardiovascular Risk Score Classification Compared to Direct or Calculated LDL Cholesterol in a Dyslipidemic Populationvan Deventer, Manuel & Remaley, Alan15:32
Potential for Electronic Health Records and Online Social Networking to Redefine Medical ResearchPearson, John15:08
Diabetes: Advances and ControversiesSacks, David & Fonseca, Vivian17:23
Lipoprotein(a) and Risk of Type 2 DiabetesMora, Samia; Karakas, Mahir &  Koenig, Wolfgang36:07
Inspiring Minds: Larry Kricka9:49
International Year of Chemistry 2011: Clinical Chemistry CelebratesRifai, Nader15:16
Simultaneous Quantification of Apolipoprotein A-I and Apolipoprotein B by Liquid Chromatography-Multiple Reaction Monitoring/Mass SpectrometryHoofnagle, Andrew18:19
Determination of Total Homocysteine, Methylmalonic Acid, and 2-Methylcitric Acid in Dried Blood Spots by Tandem Mass SpectrometryMatern, Dietrich12:37
Reporting of Estimated Glucose with Hemoglobin A1cSacks, David B. & Young, Ian S.25:00
Patient Misidentifications Caused By Errors in Standard Bar Code Technology*Fantz, Corinne & Hawker, Charles23:27
A Multiplex Immunoassay Using the Guthrie Specimen to Detect T-Cell Deficiencies Including Severe Combined Immunodeficiency DiseaseComeau, Anne & Gerstel-Thompson, Jacalyn26:53
Clinical Impact of Reporting Estimated Glomerular Filtration RatesHostetter, Thomas12:35
Analysis of the Size Distributions of Fetal and Maternal Cell-Free DNA by Paired-End SequencingQuake, Stephen3:28
Gene Signatures for Cancer TherapyMaster, Stephen8:38
A Critique of the Hypothesis, and a Defense of the Question, as a Framework for ExperimentationGlass, David7:33
Disposition of Cannabinoids in Oral Fluid after Controlled Around-the-Clock Oral THC AdministrationHuestis, Marilyn & Schwope, David28:33
Quantitative 1-Step DNA Methylation Analysis with Native Genomic DNA as Templatevon Kanel, Thomas6:20
Microtechnology in the Clinical LaboratoryWilding, Peter15:05
Few Point-of-Care Hemoglobin A1c Assay Methods Meet Clinical NeedsSacks, David13:49
Direct-to-Consumer GenotypingTsongalis, Gregory7:55
Pre-β1 HDL and Ischemic Heart DiseaseSethi, Amar12:25
National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines for Use of Tumor Markers in Liver, Bladder, Cervical, and Gastric CancersSturgeon, Catharine22:27
The D-lemma: To Screen or Not to Screen for 25-Hydroxyvitamin D ConcentrationsHolick, Michael18:10
Enrichment and Detection of Rare Alleles by Means of Snapback Primers and Rapid-Cycle PCRWittwer, Carl10:21
Serum Creatinine and Glomerular Filtration Rate: Perception and RealityDalton, Neil14:51
IFCC Working Group for Standardization of Thyroid Function TestsThienpont, Linda23:13
γ′ Fibrinogen: Evaluation of a New Assay for Study of Associations with Cardiovascular DiseaseKazmierczak, Steven21:13
Troponin I, the StoryLadenson, Jack12:05
Commentary on the 2009 Canadian Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslipidemia and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Adults*Schaefer, Ernst J.5:49
Combining Biochemical and Ultrasonographic Markers in Predicting Preeclampsia: A Systematic ReviewForest, Jean-Claude15:41
Implementation of a Closed-Loop Reporting System for Critical Values and Clinical Communication in Compliance with Goals of The Joint CommissionShultz, Edward9:07
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin: Hype, Help, and RealityJaffe, Allan12:18
Protein Microarrays for Personalized MedicineJoos, Thomas 8:02
Prostate Cancer Screening with Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing: More Answers or More Confusion?Stephan, Carsten13:32
Detection of Biological Agents Used for Terrorism: Are We Ready?Kellogg, Mark17:51
A 25-Year Prospective Study of Plasma Adiponectin and Leptin Concentrations and Prostate Cancer Risk and SurvivalMa, Jing24:20
Interactive Modeling for Ongoing Utility of Pharmacogenetic Diagnostic Testing: Application for Warfarin TherapyValdes, Roland4:30
Design and Optimization of Reverse-Transcription Quantitative PCR ExperimentsTichopad, Ales12:58
Adventures in Clinical Chemistry and Proteomics: A Personal AccountAnderson, Norman11:00
Proteomics Special IssueHortin, Glenn27:12
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