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Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Chemistry is the leading forum for peer-reviewed, original research on innovative practices in today's clinical laboratory. In addition to being the most cited journal in the field, Clinical Chemistry has the highest Impact Factor at 7.8 among journals of clinical chemistry, clinical (or anatomic) pathology, analytical chemistry, and the subspecialties, such as transfusion medicine, and clinical microbiology.
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September 2014
ON THE COVER: ONE MILLION. That’s a large number by any count. People want to be millionaires. Writers want to sell a million books. Musicians want to sell a million records. YouTube users want to have a million views. This month, Clinical Chemistry becomes a member of the “one million club.” Clinical Chemistry was one of the first journals to use podcasts to amplify the offerings found in the print version, and our highly successful podcasts have now been downloaded more than one million times. In this issue, Robert Rej provides readers with a history of podcasts and how Clinical Chemistry has adopted this electronic form of communication. (See page 1242.)