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AACC provides you access to many valuable resources in the field of laboratory medicine published by AACC Press and other publishers. This includes purchasing the webcasts of our acclaimed series of webinars.

AACC Press
One of the leading publishers of expert and timely scientific and educational texts, AACC Press titles are written and edited by leaders in the clinical laboratory field.

Selected New titles Available through the AACC Store

Contemporary Cover
Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Edited by William Clarke

Pre-Employment Cover
Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: A Pocket Guide
Amitava Dasgupta

POC Testing Cover
Point-of-Care Testing: Needs, Opportunity, and Innovation, 3rd Edition
Christopher P. Price, Andrew St John, and Larry J. Kricka

Pediatric Reference Cover
Pediatric Reference Intervals, 7th Edition
Edited by Steven J. Soldin, Edward C. Wong, Carlo Brugnara, and Offie P. Soldin

Organic Acid Cover
Quick Guide to Organic Acid Interpretation
Patti M. Jones and Dinesh Rakheja

Renal Disease Cover
Quick Guide to Renal Disease Testing
George A. Fritsma

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