February 2014 SYCL 360 Podcasts

SYCL360 is a podcast designed for SYCL members. We are planning on releasing SYCL360 quarterly to keep you up-to-date on pertinent information for SYCL members, highlight recent SYCL activities, as well as to promote inter-SYCL member communication. We hope that this format will provide an effective way to keep SYCL members apprised of its activities.
We hope that SYCL members use LinkedIn as an outlet for discussions as well as any general suggestions or comments about SYCL360. Please join and let us know what you think about this podcast. Please feel free to also email any of the SYCL360 subcommittee members if you have any questions or concerns.

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SYCL 360 fullComplete Podcast: Length: 30:38
High Quality: Size 93.4 MB

Individual Podcast Sections

SYCL 360 part 2Section 1
SYCL Board Exam Survey
Length: 7:39 Size 17.7 MB

SYCL 360 part 3 Section 2
Teaching to Non-Chemistry/Non-Pathology Fellows and Residents
Length: 6:06 Size 18.5 MB

SYCL 360 part 4 Section 3
Reminder of Impending Award Submission Deadlines
Length: 1:04 Size 2.89 MB

SYCL 360 part 4 Section 4
Transitioning From Your 1st to Your 2nd Professional Position
Length: 15:35 Size 53.8 MB

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