SYCL Seminar Series

Did you know that the median age of AACC members is 54 years old? Given the number of current and expected retiring clinical laboratory scientists and the growing opportunities that our field provides, we need more young scientists to enter the field. The SYCL Seminar Series (SSS) was formed to help serve that purpose. The mission of the SSS is to send energetic young clinical laboratory scientists back to their graduate schools to educate other young scientists about Clinical Laboratory Medicine and to encourage them to explore the possibility of a career in our field.  Below is a list of SYCL members and the Universities that they visited.

  • Nikolina Babic
    Medical University of South Carolina
  • Vilte Barakauskas
    University of British Columbia
  • Niki Baumann
    University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Darci Block
    Jamestown College
  • Joshua Bornhorst
    University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Mark Cervinski
    Darmouth College
  • William Clarke
    University of Nebraska
  • David Colantonio
    Queen's University - Ontario, Canada
  • Corinne Fantz
    University of South Carolina
  • Angela Ferguson
    University of Kansas
  • Kevin Foley
    University of Vermont
  • Shannon Haymond
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Andy Hoofnagle
    University of Colorado, Denver
  • T. Scott Isbell
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Paul Jannetto
    Medical College of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Erin Kaleta
    University of Arizona, Tucson
  • Loralie Langman
    University of Alberta
  • Danni Li
    University of Minnesota
  • Kara Lynch
    University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Christopher McCudden
    University of Western Ontario
  • Ross Molinaro
    Cleveland Clinic – Lerner Research Institute
  • Laura Parnas
    University of North Dakota
  • Octavia M. Peck-Palmer
    Medical University of South Carolina
  • Alex Rai
    Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Amy Saenger
    University of Minnesota
  • Danyel Tacker
    Texas A & M University Corpus Christi
  • Andrea Terrell
    Colorado State University
  • Carmen Wiley
    University of Washington
  • Allison Woodworth
    Vanderbilt University
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