May 2010 Mentor of the Month: Jack Zakowski
Jack Zakowski, PhD, FACB

Dr. Zakowski is Director of Scientific Affairs and Professional Relations for the Chemistry Systems Business Center of Beckman Coulter, Inc. in Brea. CA. Dr. Zakowski graduated from UCLA, did his doctoral work at UC Davis, and his post-doctoral clinical laboratory training at the University of Virginia. His career in the clinical diagnostics industry has been spent mostly in R&D and product development, particularly in the areas of chemistry reagents and analyzer systems, including automation and lab workflow processes. He has worked as a development scientist and as R&D manager for reagents and systems. Dr. Zakowski has also held managerial positions in technical marketing and support, development applications and clinical evaluations, and has responsibilities in the regulatory and standardization areas of clinical diagnostics. An active member of AACC for 25 years, Dr. Zakowski has held various positions in that organization. He has served on many CLSI Working Groups, Committees and Area Committees, and is currently on the CLSI Board of Directors. He also serves on CAP, IFCC, NKDEP, NGSP and ISO technical committees.

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