July 2010 Mentor of the Month: Anthony Butch
Anthony W. Butch

Anthony W. Butch is a cellular immunologist and clinical chemist/toxicologist who has been a member of the UCLA School of Medicine faculty since joining the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in 1999. He became full professor in 2006 and has been the medical director of clinical chemistry & toxicology at the UCLA Medical Center, and director of a independent CLIA-licensed, CAP-certified Clinical Immunology Laboratory located in the School of Medicine since joining UCLA. He is also director of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, the largest World Anti-Doping Agency-accredited laboratory, which performs drug testing to detect doping in sports at all levels of competition including the Olympics, college, high school, and professional sports. His research activities are centered on improving methods to detect doping in sports in order to stay ahead of cheaters who take advantage of new drug developments to gain a competitive edge. In addition, Dr. Butch is interested in the characterization of assays to evaluate immune function and the development of novel protein immunoassays to detect disease.

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