February 2009 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Barbara Goldsmith
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Dear Dr. Goldsmith-- Congratulations on your position as AACC President! I am curious to know your initiatives and goals for AACC. Thank you!
Annapolis, MD

Barbara Goldsmith
Thank you for your question. My goals initially were to expand upon the many strengths and programs geared towards educating laboratorians, a solid strength of the AACC. Associated with that goal is to broaden our visibility in this "web-friendly" age. It is important to educate policy makers about our critical role in patient care and particularly important given the emphasis on healthcare that will most likely occur with our new Administration. Another goal is to help develop a program to enhance laboratory medicine in developing countries. Of course, our goals and projects will be in part shaped and impacted by the current economic conditions. The Board and I are open to suggestions regarding the direction the Association should take to help our members, and we encourage you and others to provide any ideas and thoughts you may have. Again, thank you for your question.

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