June 2008 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Donald Young
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Hi Dr. Donald Young, My name is Michelle and I work for an independently-owned clinical reference laboratory in California. Can you recommend any useful laboratory management books? I have only found textbooks and wanted a book more geared for laboratory professions (versus students). Thank You.

Donald Young, MD, PhD
Probably the single most appropriate reference is Clinical Laboratory Management edited by Garcia LS. It was published by ASM (American Society of Microbiology) Press in 2004. Its list price is $149.95. Although edited by a microbiologist it is not focused on microbiology laboratories. It covers all aspects of laboratory management including personnel, test, financial and data management, communication, point-of-care testing, selection and implementation of tests and instruments, safety and emergency preparedness and regulatory requirements. I think the book addresses management aspects better than the management sections of the large textbooks of clinical pathology or of its subspecialties. Donald Young

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