January 2008 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Christopher Price
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You had so many challenges in your career in life. What is your major challenge you have ever faced in your career.
Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Christopher Price, PhD
That is quite a difficult question!! Startiing my PhD at the time was a big challenge, as it was the first time I embarked on something where I was responsible for how I used my time, and what direction I took the work involved in my project - albeit I had a supervisor. Another big challenge was when I obtained my first consultant post, as I became responsible for a large part of the work of the department I had just joined. Today the challenges are from working with people in different areas of health care, and with different expertise and backgrounds. Whilst these are challenging they are the times when I find the most exciting things in my work. I think we can learn so much when crossing boundaries of knowledge and experience. Thank you for your question.

Happy New Year and best wishes of high consideration!
Aurelian Udristioiu, AACC Member, Lab Director,Bucharest, ROMANIA

Christopher Price, PhD
Happy New Year to you, and thank you for your best wishes. I hope that you have an enjoyable year ahead of you, and that the challenges you face over the coming year help you in your career. Best wishes

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