September 2007 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Martin Fleisher
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Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. What is the need for a rapid, 6 min. immunoassy that could be run on a small, whole blood, point of care device for methotrexate? Cost $6.00. Thank you.
Melbourne Florida

Martin Fleisher
I believe there is considerable need for a rapid, inexpensive, and accurate POC device to measure MTX in whole blood. Patients treated with high dose MTX must be carefully monitored for toxicity to prevent severe hepatic and renal consequences.

Dr. Fleischer, do you see a future for the use of "omics" (genomics, proteomics) as diagnostic/prognostic markers for cancer? If so, are there any specific "omics" applications that you view as most promising?
Rochester, MN

Martin Fleisher
This is the most frequently asked question of investigators studying biomarkers for the early detection of cancer or any other chronic disease. It is very important to separate indolent disease from aggressive forms of a disease, such as cancer. Proteomics or peptideomics have the potential to accomplish this difficult diagnostic task. Today proteomic analysis is used for prognostic evaluation of patients at risk for disease. More work needs to be done to make this technology useful in the clinical arena. One day a drop of blood will be analyzed using proteomic technology and an enormous amount of clinically relevant information will be obtained.

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