May 2007 Mentor of the Month: Michael Astion
Michael Astion, MD, PhD

Dr. Astion is currently a clinical pathologist who is an Associate Professor and Director of Reference Laboratory Services in the University of Washington Department of Laboratory Medicine. He was an undergraduate at Cornell University and received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania under the auspices of the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program. He has been on the faculty at the University of Washington since 1993. He has authored 20 educational software titles and more than 40 peer-reviewed papers. He is the Editor-In-Chief of Laboratory Errors and Patient Safety, a newsletter dedicated to improving laboratory quality. He is a frequent speaker at professional meetings where he lectures on issues related to laboratory test interpretation, medical errors, medical informatics, and competency assessment. For his contributions to patient safety, Dr. Astion recently was awarded the 2006 AACC Annual Award for Outstanding Clinical Laboratory Contributions to Patient Safety.

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