January 2007 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: John Sherwin
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Dr. John Sherwin, This is just a fun question, but I noticed that you said you like to watch the movie Blade Runner. I am wondering do you like the original cut or the directors, cut. Personally, I prefer the director’s cut. Thanks.
Marshfield, WI

John Sherwin
I actually prefer the original, but probably more because that's what I saw in the theaters. I like the fact that portions of the movie were filmed in the old Bradley Hotel in downtown LA, an elegant and historic structure.

Dear Dr. Sherwin- As Past President, what were some of the challenges you faced when you took office? How did you overcome those challenges? In addition to the Past President's Scholarship, what other changes to the organization were you instrumental in bringing about?
Rochester, MN

John Sherwin
I think that the biggest challenge was finding the right balance between the commitments to the AACC and my position with the State of California. Balancing these two responsibilities took support from AACC staff and colleagues as well as support from staff of the Genetic Disease Program. As with most things this took organization and attention to the details as well as an ability to work while traveling using all the modern technologies. In addition to the Past Presidents' Scholarship, I was pleased to represent the AACC in the completion of the formal merger of the NACB and the AACC. These negotiations started a number of years ago when Ted Peters was AACC President and I was NACB President so it was gratifying to see that completed. I hope that I was able to re-energize local section activities by emphasizing their important to the AACC and in the development of future AACC leaders. Change in organizations is usually the result of consensus among the leadership and so engaging the Board and the House is essential to accomplishing change.

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