April 2007 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Herbert Fritsche
Welcome to SYCL's Mentor of the Month.  Questions and Answers will be displayed below...

Our Urologists are interested in the NMP-22 test for bladder cancer. Are you offering this test in the lab or point of care?
Cooperstown, NY

Herbert Fritsche
We are offering this test in our Point of Care Laboratory, so the test is performed by lab personnel.

Dr. Fritsche. So glad to hear you are still thriving at MDACC. Must thank you for the glowing recommendation you gave for me. Love the job at Sacred Heart -- people are very positive and enthusiastic, despite the usual challenges and issues. Survived the winter and looking forward to Spring and Summer. Take care. Sandy Thompson. thompssd1@shmc.org
Spokane, Washington

Herbert Fritsche
Nice to hear from you and to hear that all is going well. Maybe I will see you in San Diego at the AACC meeting.

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