January 2006 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Thomas Moyer
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Dr. Moyer- Congratulations on your fruitful, rewarding, and decorated career! Besides psychiatric and some chemotherapy-related pharmacogenetics, it seems as if other PGx applications are not ready for clinical utility. What other areas do you see as most promising in the PGx arena? Can you divulge any specific examples in these areas?
Baltimore, MD

Thomas P. Moyer, PhD
The FDA has considered this issue and supports the use of UGT1A1 for adjusting doses for patients receiving irinotecan therapy. The FDA is also carefully considering the role of CyP2C9 and VKORC1 in dosing of warfarin. Goetz, et al recently published a paper (J Clin Oncol, Vol 20, Dec 20, 2005 p 9312) describing the clinical value of CyP2D6 in patients prescribed tamioxifen. The data are evolving to document the clinical value of PG. The next step is to convince HHS to reimburse for these services. That will require some well validated outcome studies.

I am curious to learn more about your passion for Harleys. Why and when did you acquire your Harley? Did you have to special order it? How long did it take to get it? What is your "weather threshold limit" for riding your Harley? Any plans to go to Sturgis?
Minneapolis, MN

Thomas P. Moyer, PhD
I have ridden motorcycles since I was a teenager. But, then I had children who became teenagers. To avoid playing too strong a role model, I gave up riding during that era. As soon as the kids became independent, I purchase a Honda CB1000 which I rode for several years to reaffirm my riding enjoyment. It then figured I had best move up with the big boys, so ordered a 2003 anniversary edition Harley Davidson Softail Custom. I ordered it a year before receipt.

What courses/seminars and/or educational opportunities have you found to be the most valuable in your professional career?

Thomas P. Moyer, PhD
Clinical rounds at my affiliated hospitals.

So your favourite movie is "Top Gun"? How well do you know your trivia?

1. What is Iceman's "real" name?
2. What is Goose's "real" name?
3. What is Viper's "real" name?
4. Who replaces Goose as Maverick's Co-Pilot?
5. What are the "actual" planes they flew in the movie?

Thomas P. Moyer, PhD
Iceman (aka Kazanski), Goose (aka Bradshaw), Viper (aka Metcalf), et. al. are their real names. Their names given at birth are inconsequential (i.e. who cares). Charlie, of course, is the all-time favorite. Merlin replaced Goose. The planes displayed in the movie were F-14's, but I assume (but don't know for sure) that the flying scenes were carried out in T-45's (or their predecessor, the T-37). PS: All these answers, by the way, are at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092099/

As a lab director, what type of management approach do you take with others in the lab? Any advantages or disadvantages to this approach?
Winter Park, FL

Thomas P. Moyer, PhD
As noted in my original comments, I am a listener and a facilitator. I respect and appreciate the opinions of others, particularly if they differ from mine, and learn from them. I am also a quick and definitive decision maker. I rarely take long to provide an answer to a question or request for a decision once I know all the facts (the key, of course, is to know when you know all the facts!). The advantage is that others quickly know how I feel about things. The disadvantage is that if that differs from their desires, they are quickly disappointed.

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