April 2006 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Ann Gronowski
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Dear Dr. Gronowski- Many of us SYCL members realize that you were instrumental in getting SYCL off the ground. I am curious to know how it all came to fruition. How did the dialogue get started that AACC needed a group like this and what chain of events took place to get this group going? Thanks!
Baltimore, MD

Ann Gronowski, PhD
This is a very good question. There were a lot of people who were involved. The idea for SYCL came when I was serving on the AACC board of directors in 2003. Dr. Sue Evans was AACC President and she formed the Annual Meeting Task Force chaired by Dr. Mary Lou Gantzer. This task force was charged with making recommendations about the annual meeting. Within that task force, a small subcommittee with Drs. Tom Annesley, Larry Broussard, and myself was formed to examine student activities at the annual meeting. That subcommittee made many recommendations including ones that resulted in the recent changes to the student poster contest. Although not really related to the annual meeting, the subcommittee also recommended the formation of a student division within AACC. When the Annual Meeting Task Force reported back to the Board of Directors, the board liked the idea of a student group and Dr. Evans asked me to chair a Young Clinical Chemist Advisory Group to further investigate this concept. We were asked to find out if other organizations had similar groups, if young AACC members would be interested in such a group, and what services a group like this could provide. The Young Clinical Chemist Advisory Group consisted of Drs. David Grenache, Linnea Baudhuin, Demetra Callas, Steven Goss and myself. Dr. Stephen Kahn also served on the committee as a senior advisor. This group worked very hard. They found out that many other professional organizations have student groups. They also conducted a survey that indicated that young AACC members were indeed interested in such a group. With this information the board approved the formation of a student group named the Society of Young Laboratorians (SYCL). Dr. David Grenache served as this groups first chair and I became the senior advisor.

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