July 2005 Mentor of the Month: Mary Burritt
Mary F. Burritt, PhD

Mary F. Burritt, PhD, FACB is Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine; and Medical Co-Director, Central Clinical Laboratory and Director of the Metals Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Burritt is also the Associate Dean of the Mayo School of Health Sciences. She received her BA in Chemistry from Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa and her PhD from the University of Illinois Medical Center. She completed postdoctoral training in clinical chemistry at the Mayo Clinic and joined the staff in 1978.

Dr. Burritt has served AACC in many roles and was President of the association in 1996. She was also Chair of the 2000 Annual Meeting Organizing Committee. She currently serves as a member of the Awards Committee and as the AACC representative to ISO/TC 212 where she also serves on the Executive Committee of the US Technical Advisory Group to TC 212. She is currently the President of the NACB, the Academy of AACC. Dr. Burritt is also the Vice Chair of the Education and Management Division of the IFCC and also chairs the Visiting Lecture Program of the IFCC.

Dr. Burritt has a strong interest in education and research and was the Director of the Post-Doctoral Training Program in Clinical Chemistry at the Mayo Clinic from 1991-1999. She has lectured extensively both nationally and internationally on many topics including technical and clinical aspects of ionized calcium, POCT, quality systems and automation/rules based systems for the clinical laboratory. Dr. Burritt has more than 180 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts and chapters. Her current areas of interests include cardiac markers, essential elements and heavy and trace metals in neurologic conditions, rules-based computer systems and quality systems for the laboratory.

Among the awards that Dr. Burritt has received are AACC’s Past President Award, AACC’s 2000 Award for Outstanding Contributions Through Service to the Profession of Clinical Chemistry, AACC New Jersey Section’s Gerulat Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in clinical chemistry and the Steck Award for Distinguished Contributions to Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry from the University of Nebraska.

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