February 2005 Mentor of the Month: Susan Evans
Susan A. Evans, PhD

Susan A. Evans, PhD is currently serving as chair of the Program Coordinating Commission and is a member of the Van Slyke Foundation Board of Trustees, and a consultant to the Oak Ridge Conference Planning Group. Dr. Evans has served as a member of the AACC Board of Directors, Secretary and President of the Association. Sue has also been active in local section activities. She has served as secretary, chair and councilor of the Florida Section, she was Vice Chair of the San Diego Section, and Recording Secretary of the Chicago Section. Dr. Evans was one of the founding members of the Industry Division. She is a Fellow and a former member of the BOD of The National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry.

Dr. Evans was a member of the Long Range Planning Committee, a member of the Council Steering Committee and was a Council Representative to the Board of Directors. She was co-chair of the AACC Annual Meeting in 1988. She is currently a member of the NCCLS Strategic Planning Committee and has recently served as secretary and corporate representative to IFCC's Education and Management Division. Her personal research and product-development interests have been focused on immunodiagnostic methods. She has developed a number of tests for analytes in the areas of endocrinology, fertility, cardiac markers, and therapeutic drug monitoring. Sue has over twenty years experience in the diagnostic industry holding positions in R&D leadership at Dade Behring and LifeScan. Currently, she directs a consulting practice focused on R&D processes, technology assessment, strategy development and related projects. Before joining the diagnostic industry in 1981, she was a postdoctoral and research fellow at the Edsel B. Ford Institute for Medical Research and the Department of Pathology at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

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