April 2005 Mentor of the Month Q&A Session: Jocelyn Hicks
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This is a general pediatric clinical chemistry question. Are there different reference ranges for premature infants vs full-term infants? If so, do you need to "adjust" the age of a preemie until he/she reaches a certain age?
San Francisco, CA

Jocelyn Hicks
There are not many good established reference ranges for Premature infants unfortunately. They are very difficult to collect. There are a few in Dr Soldin's and my book on Pediatric reference ranges, published by AACC. I believe there a few in Dr Gordon Avery's book entitled Neonatology..I am not sure of the publisher. Jocelyn Hicks

I am impressed that you conceived DORA so early in your career. How did you get the idea for it, and how did you bring it to fruition?
Rochester, MN

Jocelyn Hicks
I was a very junior Clinical Chemist, who spent three days trying to track down where to get a particular test done. I felt there had to be a better way. I thought why not a Directory where one could look up rare tests. I solicited entries for rare tests through AACC. The first Edition of DORA was very thin, but it has grown substantially over the last nearly 30 years. The next edition is coming out this year, and soon it will be available by subscription on the web. It is a difficult job compiling it, but I cannot let go!! It, after all, is my baby! Jocelyn Hicks

Dr. Hicks, I have often considered beginning my own consulting practice however I don't know where to start! What advice would you have for someone like me and what skills are most needed by a consultant?

Jocelyn Hicks
It is difficult to begin a consulting service. You need to develop a web page, which I have not yet done. You need to network. It helps to have a known name. Talk to other consultants, and see if they have too much work, and may you help out. You need to identify a list of services which you offer. Jocelyn Hicks

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