Welcome Statement from the Chair

Welcome to SYCL
Presented by 2012 SYCL Chair Christopher McCudden




Welcome to SYCL, the Society for Young Clinical Laboratorians! SYCL was formed in 2004 to meet the unique needs of AACC’s young and student members. Given our mission, we have developed several programs, including the Mentor of the Month series, a “SYCL Seminar Series” to promote Clinical Laboratory Sciences as a career to young scientists, and many fun and educational events at the AACC annual meetings. We encourage you to help SYCL grow by mentioning SYCL to your colleagues and by becoming involved in your local section. By becoming a visible member of your AACC local community, you will have a tremendous positive impact on other young clinical scientists. Another great way to get involved is by joining and using the SYCL listserv . As an evolving society, we value and encourage input from all of our SYCL members. We truly need your participation to move SYCL forward with new programs and fresh ideas! Please feel free to contact SYCL directly with your comments and recommendations.


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