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Want to know what to expect from a post-doctoral fellowship in Clinical Chemistry? Click here for Standards and Guidelines for Postdoctoral Training Programs in Clinical Chemistry.

The Commission on Accreditation in Clinical Chemistry

The Commission on Accreditation is an independent non-profit organization that accredits training programs in clinical chemistry at the masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral level. The purpose of granting accreditation to training programs is to foster their excellence, to provide recognition to accredited programs, and to attract qualified individuals to training centers of excellence. This process is intended to assure the trainee that the standards of education and training are consistent with the progress in medicine and clinical laboratory sciences. Click here for more information.

2014 SYCL Employment Survey Results

In March of 2014, SYCL members who've recently completed training were asked to complete an online survey about their experiences in finding post-fellowship employment. We sent out 82 individual invitations and received 38 responses, a 46% response rate. We received a diverse set of answers that we feel reflect the collective experiences of SYCL members.

We hope that the answers to this survey will help prospective job seekers by revealing how long other SYCL members looked for their first position, how many offers they received before accepting their first position and the range of their starting salary.

2013 SYCL Board Certification Exam Survey Results

In May 2013, SYCL surveyed individuals who had taken and passed one or more of the three available certification exams offered by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry (ABCC).

The purpose of the survey was to provide information about exam preparation techniques from those who had successfully taken a certification exam. We hope you find this information helpful in your preparation for the board exam.


The American Board of Clinical Chemistry (ABCC) is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in 1950, devoted to certification of individuals with doctoral level degrees in the practice of clinical chemistry, toxicological chemistry, and other clinical laboratory medicine disciplines. In purpose, function, and organization the ABCC is analogous to the certifying boards in various medical specialties. The aim of the Board is to serve the public interest and advance the science by establishing standards of competence for those who practice clinical laboratory medicine, and to certify as Diplomates those qualified specialists who comply with the requirements of the Board. For more information go to the ABCC site.

Board Exam
Preparing for a board exam? See the ABCC examinee survey!

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