Early Career Resources

Career Opportunities for PhD Trainees in Laboratory Medicine
Presented by Christopher McCudden, PhD

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Job

This information is intended as an aid for new and junior clinical laboratory professionals when seeking to navigate employment negotiations and should not be considered as a complete list but rather a guideline of questions to ask.

Guide to Scientific Management

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has published a collection of advice, experiences and opinions from seasoned biomedical investigators and other professionals as a practical guide for postdocs and new faculty.

The publication, Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, may be read on-line or downloaded. The document is 250 pages, therefore you may want to scroll through it first or pick and choose as you like. Chapter titles are: obtaining and negotiating a faculty position and planning for tenure; the scientific investigator within the university structure; defining and implementing your mission; staffing your laboratory; mentoring and being mentored; time management; project management; data management and laboratory notebooks; getting funded; getting published and increasing your visibility; understanding technology transfer; setting up collaborations; and course in scientific management.

Board Exam
Preparing for a board exam? See the ABCC examinee survey!

SYCL Employment Survey
View the results of the October 2010 SYCL employment survey designed to gather information from new and junior clinical laboratory professionals with regards to the terms surrounding first/recently-acquired employment. SYCL hopes that you will find this information useful as you move forward in your careers.



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