NACB President's Report

 Stanley Lo
Michael Bennett

I hope that you have all enjoyed a great summer. It’s hard to believe that we are now into the Fall. The seasons change came home to me a few days ago when all of the college Freshmen began to arrive here at Penn and the streets around the medical center were suddenly full of large minivans full of  students, their parents and the student’s survival essentials and also adding time to my commute.

I also hope that many of you did have an opportunity to get to Houston for this year’s AACC Annual Meeting and for those of you who were able to attend the NACB Awards Luncheon I hope that you found the changed format to be preferable. I thought that it would be an excellent idea to hold the business meeting early in the proceedings so that most Fellows could be there. In the recent past there had been a tendency for numbers to dwindle as we all have so many commitments at the Annual Meeting. The attendance at the luncheon was higher than we have seen in previous years and the dining room atmosphere was delightfully vibrant. Personally, I was also very pleased that the loss of the top table seemed to have worked very well  with more room for Fellows to meet each other and opportunities to interact with your elected officials who were spread out across the dining room. The Board is, as always, very happy to get feedback from Academy Fellows so if you have any thoughts regarding how those changes worked for you, don’t hesitate to let myself or Stefanie Kleinman, our staff liaison know.

For those who were not present at the Awards Luncheon, the results of the election were announced at the membership meeting. Barbara Goldsmith will be President-Elect in 2014, Alison Woodworth and Paul Jannetto were elected as Board Members for 2014-2016 and Anthony Butch, Bernard Cook and Ross Molinaro were elected to the Nominating Committee to serve 2014-2016. Congratulations to the successful candidates and a big thank you to all candidates for being willing to serve the Academy.

The next major NACB-sponsored event is the 30th Annual Arnold O Beckman Conference to be held in Atlanta on November 5th. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the American Society of Nephrology and the theme of the meeting is “ Novel biomarkers of kidney disease: False dreams or new horizon”. Details can be found on the AACC website.

At the time of writing, the final details for NACB’s Standard Operating Procedures for the production of LMPG’s  are being worked out. Following the posting of the draft of the SOP on our website, there were a number of suggestions from Fellows to improve the final document. I would like to thank everyone for participating in this important process. The Board of Directors also approved an update to the NACB Board Manual to keep our policies and procedures in line with the NACB and AACC mission. We are also working on proposals for educational sessions at the next Annual Meeting in Chicago. The other important news item is that the NACBlog has been renamed NACB Scientific Shorts. The principle is the same but the Blog committee and the Board felt that rebranding would encourage more input from Fellows. So don’t hesitate to contribute a scientific short and maintain this important NACB product.

I would like to finish by reiterating my thanks for the support of a great Board of Directors and to all Academy Fellows. We are in great shape.

Michael J. Bennett PhD, FRCPath, FACB, DABCC

President, 2013

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