NACB President's Report

 Stanley Lo
Michael Bennett

In my first newsletter message to the Fellows, in addition to my greetings to you all I would like to first thank the Academy membership through your votes, for entrusting me with the task of steering NACB through 2013.

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind you all that not only are your votes always important during the election but also that your suggestions for nominations to the Board of Directors are equally important and are presently being sought ahead of the upcoming election. The composition of the Board determines the direction that NACB moves in and you can impact that direction by your suggestions for membership.

Some of the defining products of the Academy include our output of Laboratory Medicine Practice guidelines (LMPG's), our scholarly presentations at scientific meetings such as the Annual Meeting and the Beckman Conference and the publication of white papers on a number of hot topics to the profession. I am delighted to say that 2013 is a very strong year for all of these activities. We currently have 2 LMPG's under development. These include an LMPG on Pain management being championed by Loralie Langman and Paul Janetto and an LMPG on the Laboratory Analysis of Human Chorionic Gonatotrophin in Clinical Practice championed by Nikola Baumann. For those who have been reading related articles in Clinical Chemistry Journal, you will be aware that the Board has approved a new SOP for LMPG development that was developed with a lot of hard work by Steve Kahn on behalf of NACB and the EBLM committee. The new SOP includes the major elements of the AGREE II tool which will ensure that all of our future guidelines will have the greatest impact across ours and associated clinical professions.

The Beckman conference this year is going to be on renal markers and will be held in conjunction with the American Society of Nephrology annual meeting. It will be held in Atlanta in November 2013 and Academy input has been very ably coordinated by Mary-Lou Gantzer.

There will be much more on our Annual Meeting activities in the next newsletter but we do have a very full program. I do want to make a point to remind Fellows not to forget to order your Awards Luncheon tickets when you register for the Annual Meeting.

Finally, White Papers are a new venture for The Academy. We are preparing White Papers on Thyroid Hormones in Pregnancy (Ron Whitley) and Serum Free light chains (Catherine Hammett-Stabler) and anticipate they will be available for you to see soon.

NACBlog is a highly prized part of our operation. Please keep your blogs coming. There is no limit on numbers of blogs and they do keep The Academy profile very high. I recently generated a blog and my feeling is; if I can do one, anyone can! So I throw down a challenge to anyone who has never written a blog to do so.

Whilst this is all very exciting, we do need to maintain a continuous supply of Academy products. I would ask any Fellow who has an idea about a possible future LMPG, White Paper or meeting session including symposia to let the Board of Directors know and we will certainly consider your suggestions positively. Don't hesitate to contact myself or any other board members with any suggestions at all regarding Academy activities.

I wish all fellows the very best and look forward to meeting with as many of you as I can this year.

Mike Bennett PhD, DABCC, FACB

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