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 Stanley Lo
Stanley Lo

As I write this, Spring Fever has arrived in Wisconsin. Thankfully, the warmer weather has transcended the heavily publicized saga of baseball’s Ryan Braun. Who would have thought that Milwaukee would be at the center of preanalytical testing issues for performance enhancing drugs in Major League baseball players? Spring is also the time for a NACB Board meeting. This year we will be meeting in Chicago to discuss the current and future directions of AACC’s Academy especially as it pertains to guideline and white paper development. I am pleased to announce that current AACC President Dr. Greg Miller and AACC President Elect Dr. Rob Christensen will be joining us. This is a wonderful opportunity for NACB to learn more about the strategic objectives of AACC, as well as an opportunity to meet the prominent leaders of AACC.

LMPGs. We continue to work in support of the EBLMC (a joint AACC/NACB committee) to improve guideline development. To accomplish this, EBLMC Chair Dr. Steve Kahn is continuing to develop a standard operating procedure document for creating and reviewing internal and external guidelines. In addition, Dr. Bill Clarke (EBLMC member) attended a two day interactive workshop to help guideline developers meet the goals laid out in the recent IOM report “Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust.” Hopefully many guideline development suggestions from this workshop can be incorporated into our standard procedure. As always, suggestions for new LMPG topics are always welcome. We will also address the possibility of updating archived LMPGs, specifically chapters from the POCT LPMG, as well as potential topics from last year’s Beckman Conference.

NACBLOG. The NACBLOG continues to provide many interesting and relevant points of view pertaining to the clinical laboratory. Take advantage of the blog to get your ideas discussed and possibly promoted! If you have a suggestion for a blog topic, don’t hesitate to contact the NACBLOG Editorial Board (Patti Jones, Mary Lou Gantzer, Bill Winter, or Allison Woodworth).

2013 Beckman Conference. Plans for the 2013 Beckman Conference continues to move forward. Arrangements are being made to organize this meeting with the American Society of Nephrology. Thanks to Conference Chair Mary Lou Gantzer for carrying out this objective. Once the organizing committee is formed the conference content and speaker information should soon become available. The potential for collaborative guidelines related to kidney disease testing resulting from this conference will be investigated.

White Papers. The first attempt at creating a NACB White Paper is being developed and authored by NACB Past President Ron Whitley. Our current vision is that the white papers will be directed towards laboratory professionals for the purpose of summarizing and consolidating state of the art practice related to particular laboratory tests or clinical scenarios. Primarily, these will be technical papers (8-10 pages in length) that may provide the basis for future position statements as well as portions of guideline development. The white papers will be available free from the NACB website. Not only will Dr. Whitley be working on the content of his paper addressing thyroid function testing during pregnancy, but he will be establishing a standard procedure for this new publication form.

AACC Annual Meeting. Though the AACC Annual Meeting is still several months away, please consider attending the NACB afternoon symposium (Monday, July 16th) being chaired by Ken Blick and titled Effective Implementation of Expert Decision Support for System Monitoring Dashboards and Rules Based Autovalidation/Autorelease of Laboratory Results. In addition, please join us on Wednesday, July 18 for the NACB Board Breakfast meeting and the NACB Awards Luncheon and Membership Meeting. Awards will be presented to Dennis Lo for outstanding research advances in clinical biochemistry, Steve Kahn for distinguished contributions to the profession and the academy, and Geoffrey Baird for excellence in research and scientific publication. And finally, don’t forget to attend Mary Lou’s symposium Evidence in Action: Translating Guideline Recommendations into Clinical Practice Worldwide on Thursday, July 19th. The Distinguished Abstracts and Oral Poster Presentations will be held throughout the week, it would be great if you can get to one or all of these!

It’s only been a few months as President and I firmly believe we are moving in the right direction. I know there is plenty of work to be done and I appreciate the efforts of ALL of our officers and directors, as well as those involved with the various NACB committees. Thanks for continuing to promote and improve NACB.

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