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2012 NACB Awards Ceremony

The NACB 2012 Awards Ceremony was held during the 2012 AACC annual meeting in Los Angeles in July.

NACB President Dr. Stan Lo opened the meeting with recognition of specials guests: AACC President Dr. Greg Miller, ABCC President Dr. Corrine Fantz, and ComACC President Dr. Elizabeth Frank. Dr. Lo also recognized all past NACB presidents in attendance.

Distinguished abstract winners were recognized. There were 32 abstracts designated as Distinguished Abstracts this year.

The ceremony proceeded with the introduction of new NACB fellows by Dr. Lo. A total of 22 new Fellows were installed into the Academy, with congratulations from Dr. Lo and from the entire membership of NACB. The 2012 new NACB Fellows are listed below.

Dr. Lo recognized Abbott Diagnostics and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics as two companies that have been longstanding supporters of NACB’s Awards Program. Dr. Norm Wald from Abbott and Dr. James Donnelly from Siemens were welcomed as representatives of their companies.

Awards Chair Dr. David Koch introduced recipients of NACB’s major awards for 2012:

Dr. Dennis Lo was introduced as the winner of the AACC-NACB AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TO CLINICAL CHEMISTRY IN A SELECTED AREA OF RESEARCH. The award for outstanding contributions to clinical chemistry in a selected area of research is given jointly by the AACC and NACB. The clinical chemists who have received this award have achieved national and international status for their pioneering efforts in an area of research considered fundamental to the science and have been considered among the world’s foremost experts in that specific discipline.

Dr. Dennis Lo is the Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences and the Chairman of the Department of Chemical Pathology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is highly regarded for his work on the fundamental biological characteristics of circulating fetal DNA. Dr. Lo demonstrated the use of such fetal-derived molecules for the prenatal diagnosis of sex-linked diseases, blood group genotyping, and a variety of monogenic disorders. His work has contributed to the noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome and has been called the ‘holy grail’ of the field. Dr. Lo also developed an approach for identifying Down syndrome using molecular techniques for detecting fetal chromosomal aneuploidies. This technology has been rapidly introduced into clinical practice. Recently, Dr. Lo has pushed the envelope in the field by demonstrating that a genome-wide genetic map of the fetus can be deduced by deep sequencing of the pregnant mother’s plasma. Taken as a whole, Dr. Lo’s work has created a paradigm shift in prenatal diagnosis, making such testing safer for the fetuses and less stressful for the pregnant mothers.

Dr. Stephen Kahn was announced as the recipient of the ALVIN DUBIN AWARD. This award recognizes contributions to the profession and the Academy by a member of NACB. It is named for a past president of the Academy, the late Professor Alvin Dubin. As Dr. Kahn was unable to be present at the ceremony, the award was received on his behalf by Dr. Robert Christenson, who read comments of thanks from Dr. Kahn.

Dr. Amy Pyle of the Ohio Valley Section presented the GEORGE GRANNIS AWARD to Dr. Geoffrey Baird. This award is given for excellence in research and scientific publication by a young investigator. It is sponsored by the Academy and the Ohio Valley Local Section. Dr. Baird gave a short and engaging talk on his research.

Dr. Lo then presented the NACB PRESIDENT’S MEDAL to our current President-elect, Dr. Michael Bennett, and the PRESIDENT’S PLAQUE to former NACB president Dr. Ron Whitley. Dr. Ken Blick was recognized in appreciation for his three years of service as the NACB Treasurer from 2009 to 2011. Dr. Patti Jones and Dr. Gary Myers were recognized in appreciation for their service on the Board during the years 2009 to 2011.

Dr. Elizabeth Frank, President of the Commission on Accreditation in Clinical Chemistry (ComACC) presented the COMACC SERVICE AWARD to Dr. Fred Apple, in absentia.


Dr. Lo concluded the 2012 NACB Awards Ceremony and invited all attendees to reconvene to conduct the NACB annual membership meeting.



Abayomi Akanji, MD, PhD
Rasoul Alikhani Koupaei, PhD
Boris Calderon, MD
Gurdeep Dhatt, MBBS
Abubaker Elfatih, MD
Andrea Ferreira-Gonzalez, PhD
Ethan Flynn, MD
Deborah French, PhD
Malgorzata Jaremko, PhD
Nichole Korpi-Steiner, PhD
Adrian Kruit, PhD
Vivek Kumar, PhD
Patrick Kyle, PhD
Hui Li, PhD
Richard Louie, PhD
Olusegun Mojiminyi, MD, PhD
Michael Oellerich, MD
Joely Straseski, PhD
Qin Sun, PhD
Weijia Wu, PhD
Hoi-Ying (Elsie) Yu, PhD
Bingfang Yue, PhD

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