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Are You Regular Reader and Commenter of NACB - Scientific  Shorts? Join Us!

NACB - Scientific Shorts has produced 4 entries per month since its inception in January 2011. It has covered a wide variety of topics thanks to the inputs of a large number of expert contributors. A graph of the number of “Recommended” comments from readers vs. blog entry number is shown below. Such recommendations represent at least a minimum for the number of readers or “hits” for each entry. For most posts, the number or recommendations continues to grow as a function of time after the original date of posting, indicating that the blogs are a valuable, ongoing resource of information.

We have had some difficulty in maintaining the pace of posting, so consideration is being given to reduce the number of entries per year. We anticipate that the blog will continue to provide such a valuable resource of expert opinions. As always, we welcome your contributions and participation.

Patti Jones
Chair, Editorial Board, NACB Scientific Shorts (formerly NACB Blog)


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