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New Laboratory Medicine Practice Guideline on Diabetes

David B. Sacks, MD, MB, CHB

NACB’s latest Laboratory Medicine Practice Guideline (LMPG) will be published on May 27, 2011: Sacks, DB et al, “Guidelines and Recommendations for Laboratory Analysis in the Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes Mellitus.” The guidelines will also be published in the primary literature (Clinical Chemistry and Diabetes Care).

From the document’s Executive Summary, key recommendations are made in the following areas: glucose, glucose meters, continuous minimally-invasive glucose analyses, noninvasive glucose analysis, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), urinary glucose, ketone testing, hemoglobin A1c, genetic markers, autoimmune markers, low levels of albuminuria (formerly microalbuminuria), and miscellaneous potentially important analytes (insulin, C-peptide, proinsulin, insulin antibody).

The full document will be posted on the NACB website in the near future:

The NACB thanks LMPG authors David B. Sacks, Mark Arnold, George L. Bakris, David E. Bruns, Andrea R. Horvath, M. Sue Kirkman, Ake Lernmark, Boyd E. Metzger, and David M. Nathan.

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