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NACB Luncheon and Awards Ceremony July 2011

The NACB luncheon and awards ceremony was held during the AACC national meeting in Atlanta, GA, on Wednesday, July 27. Flash drives with the NACB logo were given as gifts to all attendees in recognition of completion of the merger between NACB and AACC. NACB President Dr. Ron Whitley greeted all guests including Dr. Ann Gronowski, President of AACC; Dr. Corrine Fantz, President of ABCC; and Dr. Elizabeth Frank, President of ComACC. Past NACB presidents and winners of distinguished abstract awards were recognized. Dr. Whitley reviewed current affairs of the Academy, including the diabetes LMPG published in May, the Arnold O. Beckman Conference, and the NACB Blog. Dr. Stephen Kahn was recognized for his efforts in making the Beckman conference a great success.

Luncheon Selection of attendees at the 2011 NACB Luncheon and Awards Ceremony
Luncheon Luncheon
Luncheon Luncheon
Luncheon Luncheon