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NACB - Scientific Shorts Provides a Platform for Fellows to Speak Out on Laboratory Issues

NACB - Scientific Shorts (formerly, NACBLOG) has had more than 26,000 hits since it launched its weekly posts in January.  In addition to prompting discussion on a diverse collection of laboratory issues, here are some examples of the praise it’s received from readers:

“This was an interesting and thought provoking post. Bravo!”

“This is a very informative blog and I look forward to reading the NACBLOG in the future.”

“A very nice discussion on this obscure topic.”

“This topic is by no means trivial; thanks for putting it in the spotlight.”

“This article serves the scientific community …[showing] that all that is being measured in the clinical chemistry lab still is not well defined, standardized, traceable and commutable.”

The Academy invites you to add your voice to the blog. Write a post or add a comment. Whatever your challenges, issues, or concerns, you’ll find common ground with other  laboratory professionals.  To submit a 3-4 paragraph post, send the text, a short bio, and your photo to Penny Jones at All posts will be reviewed by the NACB - Scientific Shorts Editorial Board prior to publication.

NACB - Scientific Shorts Editorial Board
Patti Jones, PhD, Chair
Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD
William Winter, MD
Alison Woodworth, PhD


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