NACB Launches Weekly Blog on Laboratory Practice Issues

The AACC Academy will host a weekly online discussion of scientific issues and challenges to contemporary laboratory practice beginning January 4, 2011.  Every Tuesday, NACB Fellows and other respected scientists will put forward questions and positions for debate and exploration.  This free program, open to the health care community, is intended to make possible the thoughtful and timely exchange of ideas among scientists worldwide. 

Upcoming topics include questions on fetal lung maturity testing, glycemic control, estimated average glucose, A1C, molecular send-out tests, and harmonization issues.  Find out about the issues and what your colleagues from around the world think about them.  Use the Blog platform to add your voice to the discussion, register your support for the topic, and forward issues of interest to your colleagues. 

Fellows are encouraged to identify topics that deserve further debate and to consider authoring blog entries.  Please submit ideas and/or prepared content to NACB staff member Betsy Garman at All submissions are reviewed by the NACB - Scientific Shorts Editorial Board and if posted are copyrighted by the Academy. 

Look for an announcement at the first of the year and subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll be notified each time the subject changes.

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