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NACB Collaborates with AACC and NIST on Harmonization Meeting


In October 2010, AACC will host an invitation-only conference on harmonization with NACB and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD.  The meeting is chaired by NACB Fellows Greg Miller and Gary Myers, and Fellows Mary Lou Gantzer and Stephen Kahn are serving on the planning committee.  Professional laboratory and clinical associations, in-vitro diagnostics and pharmaceutical (companion diagnostics) companies, and government organizations from around the world concerned with or involved in standardization activities will be invited to participate to ensure global and cross disciplinary acceptance of the recommendations and plans for implementation. It is estimated that as many as 150 participants will attend.

The conference will seek to strengthen the quality of laboratory measurements and improve patient care by developing consensus on technical and organizational processes to achieve harmonization of results from clinical laboratory testing procedures for which no reference measurement procedure exists or is likely to be developed.  As a result of the conference, several working groups will be created to further develop and implement the conference recommendations; they will serve as the foundation for a continuing organizational involvement in harmonizing this category of clinical laboratory testing procedures.

The goal of the conference is to initiate a dialogue within the laboratory community that will result in procedures to minimize factors that put patients at risk from non-standardized laboratory test results and will ultimately lead to improved patient care.

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