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Fraga, OR. Should Cardiac Biomarkers Play a Role in Evaluating Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy?
NACB Scientific Shorts. January 24, 2014. Available from:           

By Mario Plebani
This Week’s Scientific Short was contributed by Dr. Mario Plebani, the 2014 AACC/NACB Award winner for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Chemistry in a Selected Area of Research.   Quality in laboratory medicine should be defined as the guarantee that each and every step in the total testing ...(Read More)
By Christine Snozek
This post is part of an ongoing NACB Scientific Shorts series on professional development.  The series addresses issues relevant to early, mid-career, and experienced clinical laboratorians, with a focus on the people side of the job.   Have you ever listened to a member of management complaining...(Read More)
By Elizabeth Selvin
​It is well known that diabetes increases the risk of clinical cardiovascular events. We also know that persons who have hyperglycemia below the threshold for a diagnosis of diabetes (often called “prediabetes”) also have an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Much less is known about how pre-...(Read More)
By Darci Block, PhD, DABCC
It is well recognized that a majority of lab testing errors occur in the preanalytical phase prior to the blood sample being placed onto the laboratory analyzer (1).  The frequency at which such errors have been reported is summarized in the following figure, adapted from Cararro et. al. (2). Th...(Read More)
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