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By Danyel Tacker
​Part I: Case Presentation A male in his late teens, lean and non-diabetic, was brought to the Emergency Department by his parents. Over the last several hours, he displayed increasing confusion and lethargy. At the time of presentation, he was stuporous and his function declining. Liver function ...(Read More)
By Angela M. Ferguson, Ph.D., DABCC, FACB
Clinical Impact of the BuBc Slide RecalibOrtho Clinical Diagnostics’ method of measuring bilirubin is unique when compared to other commonly used methods.  The difference between the methods is the way different bilirubin fractions are measured or calculated.  Total bilirubin is measured with the T...(Read More)
By Marie Browne, PhD
​The kidneys play an important role in homeostasis, they regulate the amount of water and salts present in the body by filtering blood through the nephrons. When the kidneys are not functioning efficiently, waste products and fluids begin to accumulate instead of being excreted which can cause seri...(Read More)
By Dr. Sutirtha Chakraborty, MD and Dr. William Winter, MD
Case: Serum protein electrophoresis (SPE) was requested on a patient with recently diagnosed chronic kidney disease who presented to the hospital with a community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). What is the abnormality observed on this SPE tracing?​     It can be seen that the albumin peak has as a ...(Read More)
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