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By Gregg Wallis, PhD, CMgr.
The classic paradigm of antibody structure is that a single mature plasma cell produces one type of immunoglobulin heavy chain and one type of immunoglobulin light chain. These are combined within the cell to produce a tetrameric molecule composed of two identical heavy chains and two identical lig...(Read More)
By Rojeet Shrestha, MS
It is now well known that oxidation of lipids and lipoproteins have immense effects on the development of atherosclerosis. Since hydroperoxides are the major products of lipid peroxidation, its identification and measurement can provide valuable information, including primary prevention of coronary...(Read More)
By Marie Browne, PhD
​The kidneys play an important role in homeostasis, they regulate the amount of water and salts present in the body by filtering blood through the nephrons. When the kidneys are not functioning efficiently, waste products and fluids begin to accumulate instead of being excreted which can cause seri...(Read More)
By Julia C. Drees, Ph.D., DABCC
​An endocrinologist contacted our laboratory to report a patient with discordant TSH results: undetectable TSH by our routine assay, the Siemens ADVIA Centaur TSH3-UL, and normal TSH by an alternate TSH assay, the Abbott Architect. The clinical picture of the patient matched the normal results. We ...(Read More)
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