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By Ann M. Gronowski, PhD, DABCC, FACB
​Written in collaboration with Ryan Colvin, Christine Kramer, and Kelle Moley, MD Like many academic institutions, our University-Hospital system had some unmet needs when it came to obtaining biospecimens for research; in particular, biospecimens from pregnant women.  Researchers need access to h...(Read More)
By Elizabeth Selvin
​It is well known that diabetes increases the risk of clinical cardiovascular events. We also know that persons who have hyperglycemia below the threshold for a diagnosis of diabetes (often called “prediabetes”) also have an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease. Much less is known about how pre-...(Read More)
By Dustin Bunch
Matrix effects are regarded as the Achilles’ heel of clinical liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Our laboratory has been developing clinical LC-MS/MS assays since 2006. To aid with assay validation, a protocol was established that included a serious investigation of matrix e...(Read More)
By Victoria Bevilacqua and Khosrow Adeli
In order to appropriately interpret laboratory test results in a clinical setting, it is crucial that reliable reference intervals be available.  Establishing reference intervals in any population is a difficult and involved process; however, it is especially challenging in a pediatric population. ...(Read More)
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