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NACB - Scientific Shorts (formerly NACB Blog)
By Sutirtha Chakraborty, MD & William Winter, MD, DABCC, FACB
​Case: A member of the technical staff informed the author that he had encountered a problematic sample. The technician stated that on centrifuging the sample (that had been collected in a gel vacutainer tube), proper separation of the cells and the serum did not occur (Figure 1, left side). He was...(Read More)
By Christopher Doern Ph.D
Microbiology has traditionally been a laboratory discipline with prolonged result turn-around times because growing the organisms has always been necessary for identification.  The practice of identifying viruses has recently been revolutionized by the discovery of molecular techniques such as PCR ...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD and Roger L. Bertholf, PhD
On the electrophoresis service, you observe the following tracing. The urine protein concentration was 8 mg/dL (reference interval: =<10 mg/dL). What is your next action?           Answer: Look at the gel (see below, middle lane). The band-of-restricted mobility is not an M-spike but is...(Read More)
By Brad S. Karon, MD, PhD, FACB
​If you are like me, about once per quarter you get a call or email from an internal medicine resident, critical care fellow, or someone else charged with leading a quality improvement project about a brilliant idea they had for improving the quality of care in the adult ICU.  “Lets draw all microt...(Read More)
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