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By Olaia Rodriguez Fraga
Antineoplastic agents have progressed in a remarkable way over the last years. The introduction of targeted therapies has increased the cure and remission rates in some cancers and has even turned certain cancers into chronic diseases that can be controlled or managed for months or years.  However,...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD, Lindsay Bazydlo, PhD, Neil S. Harris, MD
Case: The patient is a 30 year old male. CBC showed a normal hemoglobin concentration, hematocrit and mean corpuscular volume (MCV). Hemoglobin electrophoresis was ordered because the patient had been told that he had sickle cell trait. On alkaline gel electrophoresis, the patient's sample is in th...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD and Roger L. Bertholf, PhD
A physician is treating a female patient (age and ethnicity unstated) with cystic fibrosis who also has adrenal insufficiency, and wants to determine if the patient is absorbing the oral hydrocortisone. Is a 24-hour urinary free cortisol (UFC) measurement helpful?     Response:  Most laboratori...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD, and Patti Jones, PhD
We recently received the following question from a colleague: One of my endocrine docs posed the following question to me. Would you help me with an answer please? "… a family has – for reasons we don’t need to get into – had their diabetes associated antibodies assessed at more than one la...(Read More)
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