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By Patricia M. Jones, PhD, DABCC, FACB
Laboratory developed tests (LDTs) used to be referred to as home-brew tests or in-house tests. These are assays that are developed in one’s own laboratory, and they include a wide range of tests. LDTs can be as simple as colorimetric tests like the old Apt-Downey test for fetal hemoglobin, all the ...(Read More)
By Joshua Bornhorst, PhD
Multiple myeloma is a malignant neoplasm, usually involving a single clone of plasma cells, which produce immunoglobulins of uniform structure (Most commonly IgG, but all other immunoglobulin chains are also represented).  This disorder usually strikes individuals 60 years of age or older, but can ...(Read More)
By K.T. Jerry Yeo, PhD
The general public is increasingly interested in the promise of personal genomics for reasons ranging from health concerns to recreation.  This is due to a convergence of web-based social networking and high throughput sequencing, leading to an “explosion” of DTC genomic companies in the past 5 yea...(Read More)
By Donald L. Frederick, PhD, DABFT
In a case reported by the Scientific Analysis Bureau of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a 44-year-old male was stopped by Tucson police for extremely erratic driving. The subject drifted out of his lane repeatedly, nearly hitting an overpass wall. He did not respond to police lights, so th...(Read More)