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By Michael J. Bennett Ph.D., FRCPath, DABCC, FACB
​A 72 year old female was recently referred to a metabolism clinic (yes at a children’s hospital!) with a very long history of anemia and bone pain that had been monitored but not particularly investigated by numerous internists. She was subsequently found to be deficient in the enzyme glucocerobro...(Read More)
By William E. Winter, MD; Lindsay Bazydlo, PhD, and Neil S. Harris, MD
​Challenge: The patient is a 16 month old male. How should the results of the following hemoglobin electrophoresis be interpreted?   By alkaline gel electrophoresis: 59.5%  hemoglobin A0.6%   hemoglobin F36.6%  hemoglobin S By cation-exchange HPLC BioRad D-10 (Extended Program): hemoglobin A2 ...(Read More)