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NACB - Scientific Shorts (formerly NACB Blog)
By Danyel H. Tacker
​I’ve just emerged from a cave of analyzer & automation selection. We haven’t even had the kick-off meeting, and I’m exhausted (in a good, exhilarated way). This leads me to wonder, “Did I ‘do’ too much? Or did I conduct myself in the spirit of true, due diligence?” Before I open the floor, I’...(Read More)
By Alison Woodworth, PhD, DABCC, FACB
Preterm Birth (PTB), delivery of an infant prior to 37 weeks of gestation, causes significant morbidity and mortality among newborns.  Approximately 12% of infants were born prematurely in 2010, a 20% increase from 1990.  A major cause for morbidity and mortality among premature infants is respirat...(Read More)